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Sonimmersion develops software and provides consulting services focusing on the latest technologies in music. We are full-stack developers that have teamed up with numerous companies and individuals in creating high profile software applications that are distributed worldwide. We thrive on the opportunity to explore new avenues of music production and creation. Share your vision with Sonimmersion, and we will make it a reality.

Based in Ventura California, Sonimmersion is owned and operated by Dr. Brian Hansen. Dr. Hansen holds a Ph.D. in music composition, a Masters of Science in multi-media engineering, and a bachelors degree in both mathematics and music. With an expertise that lies in music technology, his particular focus is on the development of music related software and composition. Brian's work has been recognized worldwide, and he looks to continue his musical endeavors remaining active as an author, lecturer, software developer, consultant, and composer.

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  •   7805 Redondo Street, Ventura CA, 93004


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